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Welcome to Satellite Technologies home on the web. The purpose of this site is to allow private individuals, institutions, and corporations to find and locate personnel via their mobile device. This service is currently free but once all the bugs are worked out you will need to have a license to use our technology.

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News - updated 7/17/2007

7/17/2007 - Our newest satellite is now online and already providing excellent results within minutes. The satellite is a INMARSAT F32. This satellite does in minutes what others used to take hours.

7/1/2007 - Satellite Technologies has just received a grant from NorMar Tech. for further research into its ground breaking triangular locating technologies.

Pictured Above: An artist rendering of our state of the art INMARSAT F32. This satellite currently in orbit has capabilities to locate via triangular anyone via their mobile device's phone number.

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